China and South Korea

>> South Korea (K-pop) > Idol groups * Idol groups in the 1990s Seo Taiji and Boys – Hayeoga (1992) : “rap dance” group–the initial form of idol groups H.O.T. – Candy (1996) : the first generation of idol groups BoA – ID: Peace B (2000) : the first middle-school-age idol singer * Different versions … Read more

Video day (4/20)

Reply to this post to suggest a video to watch. Charry’s picks Japanese “We Are the World“ Shy Ronnie Akon, “Oh Africa” and Pepsi World Cup ad Carolyn’s picks JAPANESE DANCEHALL SCENE JAPANESE DANCEHALL ANTHEM/MUSIC VIDEO JAPANESE SPEAKING PATOIS AT DANCEHALL EVENT JAMAICAN PASSA PASSA LITTLE LITTLE BOY PERFORMS RUDE BOY KEN LEE Little Boy … Read more